Popular Crafts to try in 2023

2023 is now here and with it comes a whole array of new crafts to try. Whether your a hardcore crafter or a newbie, nothing beats the joy of creating something from scratch. We have done our research and these seem to be the top 4 craft trends that are expected to dominate this year.

Needle Felting

 A big favourite of Kirstie Allsopp, this craft only needs a few tools, wool, a barbed needle and a felting surface (so you avoid jabbing your fingers.) You can create all sorts of designs from animals, birds and even felt beads. We adore the look of this Little Penquin kit from Hawthorn Handmade



Punch Needle Embroidery




While Embroidery was massive in 2022, the more niche craft of Punch Needle Embroidery is expected to take over. You work with a bigger needle, holding it like a pen and punch the needle into the fabric which forces the thread to stay on the surface.  Check out some of the creations that have been shared on TikTok they have generated almost 400 million views! The creations range from rugs to wall art even mirror frames!

We love the look of this beginner kit from ForSheLovedWool available from their Etsy Store




Resin art is achieved when a epoxy is mixed with colour pigments to create beautiful patterns. Although resin has been around for years its again TikTok that has boosted it popularity. It can be used to fill in moulds, making jewellery, coasters and ornaments and even pieces of furniture.  This beginners kit from Resin8 makes three mini wall beach art pieces.






 Macrame has been around for centuries and its returned in full force thanks to social media. It can be used to make wall art, fruit baskets and plant hangers among other things. Macrame cord is relatively cheap to pick up from craft stores and there are free patterns available online.  However this kit from LivingWeaving caught our eye.




Don't forget which ever of these creative projects you choose to try this year, you can record all the details in your Craft Journal.


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