About Us


Creative Journals started from a love of making things. Growing up our Mum was always sewing something, whether it be pretty dresses or elaborate fancy dress costumes, or baking the most extreme cakes for our birthdays. She passed on the bug to us both, with Charlotte taking over the love of sewing and Hannah the baking. Over the years we have both expanded our love for other crafts and tried almost everything there is to do!
However sewing remains Charlotte’s main love while Hannah has moved on to Crochet.
As we are both busy working mums, we don’t get as much time as we would like to do our hobbies. We would often get frustrated when we enjoyed a project but on going to repeat it we would forget that we had adapted the original pattern, or changed hook size/material type to make the project perfect.

From these little traumas Charlotte came up with the idea of The Sewing Journal in 2018, creating a book where you could write down the specific points of a project, and recording what went right and wrong, what fabric you used and any changes that you made to the pattern, so that if you wanted to make it again everything was written down and ready to go.

Hannah got involved in 2021, helping to create The Crochet Journal and then our joint love of craft helped us to create the full range of Creative Journals for Crafters, Knitters, Crocheters and Sewers everywhere to enjoy.

We hope you enjoy completing this journal – creating a record book to
treasure for years to come.

Happy Creating!

Love Charlotte and Hannah